Golfing in Arcade, NY

  • Spruce Ridge Golf Course
    Public Welcome
    Concession Building with the new addition!
    Serving food, drinks, snacks & beer!
    Covered indoor patio with open side patio!
    Inside the new addition!
    View from the patio
    Serious golfers!
    The Spruce Ridge grand babies minus one!
    Bixby Hill in the background
    Some of the Spruce Ridge Team
    Enjoying a day of golf!
    Picture perfect day for golf!
    View from #6 tee
    Overlooking Arcade
    #8 Green
    Overlooking #9
    Arrowhead Campground
    Always a great time with these guys!
    Perfect shot!
    Congratulations Adam Ashcroft on a hole in one on #8 using a 5 iron!
  • Driving Range
    Future hole #10
    Practice Green
    Front Entrance
    The First Tee 2012
    Great shot!!